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How Publift evolved into an ad tech startup

How Publift evolved into an ad tech startup

Publift, is the brainchild of two top-notch tech executives Colm Dolan and Tobin Page. The two spent over 10 years gaining digital ad experience with Google. They could see that publishers needed a lot more help implementing and effectively using ad technology than they were able to offer in their Google teams. From the times they were able to help publishers implement and manage ad technology correctly – they saw publishers obtaining massive gains in ad revenue.

A more complete solution

While Google make some of the best ad technology out there, no ad tech provider was doing a good job of combining technologies in a way that publishers could easily manage. Colm and Tobin decided they needed to branch out on their own to come up with a more complete solution to publishers. They realised that this service was only possible as an independent company. Before that they wanted to test the theory learned in Google in the real world – working directly for large publishers in the US, UK and Australia.

A new formula

Soon, they became convinced that their new formula would generate significantly better ad performance for all publishers. That conviction drove them to leave their publisher jobs and setup Publift in 2014. They approached multiple publishers to offer their more complete service. The customer base has grown 80% year on year for the last 3 years consecutively since launching the company. Not satisfied with their original formula, they continue to test and iterate the mix of ad technologies as Publift evolves.

Many useful services

Today, Publift offers a full ad technology management platform (FUSE) plus those original ad tech services like ad server setup/management/training, programmatic channel development, native ad strategy and remnant ad optimization. Publift’s rapidly growing list of clients includes WillyWeather, Hotcopper, OzBargain, MetService NZ, The New Daily, Perth Now and The West Australian. Publift is also the only Google Certified Publishing Partner based in Australia offering full management and support for Google’s publisher tools.

Many new clients

For Colm Dolan, the surge of recent wins has helped to make the company more competitive and allowed Publift to build a young, agile and competent team. Publift are regularly contacted by publishers who are not sure which advertising technology is the best to use. Publift helps and guides these publishers to the optimal mix of ad technologies for their site. Maximising the value of every ad request they get.

A different solution

Publift’s offering in the ad tech space is unique. Being totally independent allows Publift to select the best mix of ad technologies for each publisher. Testing and optimising multiple ad tech suppliers to find the most effective combination. In this niche Publift has thrived – now managing more ad impressions per month than any other publisher consultancy in the Australia and New Zealand region.

Fastest growing publisher consultancy

Today, Publift has become the fastest growing publisher consultancy in the region. Publishers that work with us can look forward to growing their existing remnant ad revenue channels and being introduced to new products such as native ads, programmatic deals, header bidding and price optimisation algorithms.

Our mission is to make the internet experience better as a whole. For our publishers, this means they are able to use the best ad technology seamlessly, so they can focus on creating great content while receiving the best yield on their ad impressions. For users – we’re trying to make sure any ads they see are relevant, engaging and useful, so they get the best possible user experience too.


See what we can do for you and your site’s remnant advertising revenue. We’re confident we can achieve great things together.

*All results above are estimates based on previous achievements.