Does your system involve increasing the size or quantity of ads on the website?

User experience is at the core of our ad serving philosophy. Having worked with a vast range of different publisher in market, Publift sticks to a code of conduct that promotes growing Publisher’s content & readership. That being said, we often make subtle changes to ad positions as well as increasing size competition within that unit. All changes suggested by Publift are verified by the client.

How does your system know that ads are worth more value than AdSense/Third Party Network?

Historical performance. Inserting competition with Google increases both new buyer demand as well as the price Google is willing to pay for a certain user. Our technology analyses the price a network is willing to pay in real time, and then asks Google if they can beat this price. If Google highly value this user, they’ll pay a higher fee than originally bid. This increases overall revenue for a publisher. We also use machine learning technology that analyses bid ranges, therefore making changes depending on the bids entered to squeeze the maximum value of each impression.

What is the guaranteed level of revenue increase?

There is no guaranteed level of revenue growth, as each Publisher has its own niche point of difference. What we tell you however, is that our current increase to NET revenue for our Publisher’s is 33.4% on average. The service, strategy and technology we provide is developed by 2 former Google executives. We’ve got an in-depth knowledge of the publisher landscape and have a team of enthusiastic account managers who assist in rolling this service out. Additionally, outsourcing your ad management means you can make sure that your ad revenue is in the hands of experts who constantly bring new revenue and ideas to the table.

“We were a bit hesitant in moving over to FUSE. But the performance has been fantastic. Up 37% YoY is a great return or us. The team really help with any tech setup we need. Its great to have that support which we don’t have in-house.”

– Ingrid Von Bibra, The New Daily

Does it require me to move away from my current AdSense account?


Publisher’s will shift into Publift’s network partner manager DFP account. You will still have access to certain features such as setting up and trafficking campaigns.

As a Google Certified Publishing partner, we’re able to gain access to new Google features! A recent example of this was Publift’s early introduction to Exchange Bidding, which saw huge results for our clients.

How is the technology delivered?

Publift has developed our own tag management system which hosts a range of market leading technologies. This is known as Fuse.

The Fuse tag is a simple line of code that replaces your current Adsense (or third party) tag on your webpage.

The benefits? You’ll gain access to technologies such as:

  • Fuse tag management system
  • Simple Reporting
  • Professional Ad Layout
  • Header Bidding
  • Exchange Bidding
  • Security
  • Machine Learning
  • User Experience
  • PMP Deal Management
  • Reduced Ad Latency
  • Tech Support

Do I need to be a technical wizard to get the Fuse tags on my page?

Absolutely not. We’ve designed our tags to be as easy as Adsense to implement. Don’t take our word for it though:

“The transfer from AdSense to FUSE has been seamless. We are delighted with the results. It’s great to know our ad management are in the hands of professionals.”

– Nerroly Hay, 1Day Marketing Manager

Will switching to Publift’s own DFP account affect ongoing cash flow?

Partially. Shifting from Google Adsense to Ad Exchange means you’re still on 30 day payment terms for Google revenue. For other networks however, our payment terms are 90 days. This is in alignment with the networks current payment terms. Don’t worry though! The increase in competition and bump in CPM means you’re in for better return in the long run.

My site has more traffic in the US than AU, can your platform still optimise mine?

Yes, we work with a range of clients whose traffic is predominantly US, but based in Australia. Examples of this include Cupid Media, Belly Belly, Envato & Freedating.

Does the Publift team setup & traffic my ads?

Yes, we offer 2hrs ad trafficking free per month and $150 per hour after that for Fuse clients.

How long does the implementation take?

We aim to get Publisher’s live within a week!

Who are your ad network partners?

We’re partner agnostic, so we maintain good relationships with all premium demand sources such as Rubicon, Pubmatic, Criteo, Index Exchange, AppNexus & many more!

How does the partnership agreement work?

There is an initial lock in period for the first three months. The three-month period allows us to optimise, setup and check which strategy works best for your site. The implementation of the technologies happens in distinct stages. It is progressive rather than in just one go. This will let us review the results of one tech before going to another. From there on, we work on a month to month partnership agreement.

When does the agreement officially begin?

The Fuse partnership agreement starts when the tags go live on your site.

What are your payment terms?

Publift withholds 20% of the Publisher’s GROSS programmatic revenue. We only work with Publisher’s where we believe that the partnership is beneficial to BOTH parties. If we don’t believe that we can bring an uplift to your current revenue, then we by no means will begin a partnership.

Publift provides consolidated payments. Instead of receiving different payments from various networks at different times, Publift handles two payments. The first is Google’s 30 day payment, the second is the 90 day network payment.

How can I get started?

Easy. Book a consultation here to speak to our team on how you can get started today!