what is ad blocking

Users, nowadays, enable an ad blocker to block advertisements online. Most users prefer using this as it gives less distractions and as it loads the webpage faster. In Australia roughly 15% of users have adopted Ad Block Plus on their computers and phones. However, Ad Block has an Acceptable Ads Program in which companies can request to be whitelisted to show ads that do not disrupt user's experience (no flashing, pop ups or bad quality ads).


How does it work?

We configure tags to combat this. The tags are activated only if user has Ad Block Plus (ABP) on his desktop browser (Firefox, Chrome etc). When the tag is activated, an ad request is sent to our ad block ad partners who try to fill the impression. If no ABP is found on the browser, the tag does not fire or interfere with regular ad serving calls. When activated, our ad block ad tags will generate impressions and revenue.


  • If you are losing revenue due to ad blocking

Ad blocking makes users invisible to publishers, reducing the potential impressions to monetise. Having an ad blocking tag increases your impressions by 10%, hence giving you a higher revenue.

What people say

“Having an ad blocking tag increases our impressions by 10{08317b3e791cb86d26dcb1f263cd666e2dfc1c01c90926997b12163bff273ddd} and gives us additional revenue.”

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