what is ad layout optimisation

It is the process of optimising the layout of ad units & correlation of content to create the most revenue. This has really become so important since agencies now buy many campaigns based on % viewability.


How does it work?

Optimal Setup Structure – Publift team have analysed hundreds of websites and know what ads perform best. We individually analyses your specific site and come up with suggestions on desktop, mobile & tablet.

Multisize Creative – is the adding of multiple creative sizes to serve in the one ad unit. This really increases competition within the existing ad unit and drives price.

e.g We changed the 300×250 sidebar ad unit to a 300×600. This then allowed those 2 ad sizes plus the 160×600 to all compete for the sidebar unit. We saw an average increase in eCPM of 30% across our publisher test group.

Lazyloading – it delays the loading of some ad units that are out of view unless the user scrolls down. This also improves the loading speed of the content and increases viewability as ad units can only be loaded when it all comes into view.

Sticky Ads – ads that stay visible to the users even while scrolling the content.

Optimal Setup Structure


Sticky Ads

Should I be using it?

  • If you want to have the optimal setup structure

We have seen in the past which ad units and ad sizes perform the best and which can give you better results. We have seen how changing the Mrec to a multisize Half Page ad unit and made it sticky so it followed the user as they navigated further down the page. The average viewability for that ad unit increased 33% and the eCPM jumped 37%. Also, changing 160×600 to 300×600 results in a 20%increase in CPM, while changing 300×250 to 300×600 results in 30% increase.

What people say

“What I really liked about working with Publift is that they came up with individual design that worked specifically for our website instead of a one size fits all solution. The Publift team also constantly test & analyse poor performing ad units and fix accordingly”

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See what we can do for you and your site’s remnant advertising revenue. We’re confident we can achieve great things together.

*All results above are estimates based on previous achievements.