what is ad stack reporting

This is Publift's own reporting dashboard that shows the performance of our ads. It enables the user to know which ad network, ad unit, and ad size perform the best, and it also lets the user to know the site's true overall CPM.


How does it work?

With Publift's own dashboard, the user will see the performance of his ads without logging in on different accounts as all data are configured into one. The user will also able to see the true overall CPM and which ad network, ad unit, or ad size is performing the best.

At the same time, we are working on the benchmarking data system that will let the user see how others (anonymously) are performing, aiming that you can learn a thing or two from them. Automated email alerts are on its way as well, that will notify the user whenever the CPM drastically goes down.

Is This For Me?

  • if you do not know your true overall CPM
  • if you want to know which ad unit is performing the best

With our own dashboard, you no longer need to sign in on different accounts to check how your ads perform as everything is configured into one platform. It gives you a snapshot of your site's daily, monthly or yearly impressions, fill rates, CPMs, and net revenue.

What people say

“Publift’s Dashboard is such an easy platform to see the overall performance of all my sources of ad revenue. Previously I had to login to many different platforms and keep careful track myself to know exactly how overall performance was going. I really like the fact that the net revenue is what I’m going to receive in my bank account within 30 days! apart from the help from this technology, The team of Publift are helpful, knowledgable and very friendly to deal with.”