what is machine learning

Our machine learning technology adapts pricing strategies to ensure publishers are getting the best possible RPM for every impression. In DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) we use the open auction pricing rules to test and optimise minimum prices advertisers need to pay to access display inventory. When optimally configured, your rules setup can grow your revenue. This experimental product automates an extremely difficult process to manage manually and continuously improves via a machine learning model.


How does it work?

The AdX Rules testing product leverages Adomik’s price optimisation algorithm to constantly test and reposition pricing floors. As market conditions change with seasonality and auction intensity – our technology adjusts the rules setup in your AdX account, by splitting traffic between experimental conditions, optimised conditions and control conditions. On an 8 hour cycle, the algorithm tests floor prices and automatically adjusts the rules being applied to the experimental groups. From each experimental group that returns a statistically significant higher eCPM than the control group, rules are copied to the optimised segment (90% of impressions). This continuous testing and learning means our publishers get the optimal floor prices to drive the best RPM. Simply put – more money for the same impressions. .

Is AsX Rules Testing For Me?

  • If you use DoubleClick Ad Exchange or another SSP (e.g AppNexus)/li>
  • If you are looking to optimise your pricing rules and do not have the time or products to do so

The challenge with AdX rules is that there are almost infinite different combinations that can be applied at any given time, which makes the rules setup almost impossible optimise by hand. Products available on the market for this purpose are often unreasonably priced and difficult to use. Publift have partnered with technology vendors to make rules optimisation affordable and accessible to all publishers, whilst tailoring to the needs and changes for individual sites. See our case study here to get more information on a publishers that have benefited from using our machine learning technology.

What people say

“I had difficulties testing rules by hand and in real time. The results were inconclusive and difficult to measure. But Publift's technology now does this for me and we're seeing our AdX revenue growing.”

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