what is Native

Native advertising makes ads look more like content so they integrate seamlessly, combat ad blindness and make the ad message seem more aligned to the theme of the website. Native ads are utilised by most of the top publishers globally. Users often employ ad blocking software because they feel like ads are annoying and obtrusive. Native placements are designed to compliment the content and give advertisers the chance to reach users in a tailored way that fits the website. The proof of how effective these formats are in the Click-Through Rate. Native ads usually attract a CTR 3X higher than standard display ads. Which is really attractive for advertisers looking for high user engagement.


How does it work?

Native advertisements are built via a HTML template, which is applied to native demand coming through the ad networks. There are multiple forms of native advertising, including in-feed, search and promoted content listings, and custom content widgets. The flexibility, control and personability of native ads are what makes this creative type attractive to publishers and advertisers. By running a native ad option on your website, you’ll be able to increase the range of advertisers and ads being shown to your users, which maximises your demand and revenue.

Should I be using native ads?

  • If you have a large proportion of users visiting your site on mobile
  • If you have a mobile app
  • If you want to integrate new advertising opportunities without damaging user experience

Native advertising gives you more power in the style of your ad stack. By matching themes to your site and by selecting custom sized placements, you can dramatically increase your ad viewability and interactions, which then delivers you a healthy CPM increase. Native ads are driving higher campaign engagement rates for advertisers, which they love. Native ads are also making user’s experience on websites better and more visually appealing.


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*All results above are estimates based on previous achievements.