what is yield management

It refes to the strategies planned in order to maximize every user's value and revenue. Most commonly, it is done through real-time bidding which is the buying and selling of digital ads through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes a webpage to load. The price of impressions is determined in real time based on what buyers are willing to pay.

It is relevant because it allows everyone to target specific users unlike before that an advertiser would buy ad slots on sports-related sites if he wants to target sports fan. At the same time, this is the most cost effective way to buy media with access to a vast audience.


How does it work?

We introduce competition among several ad networks to get the highest possible CPM. Through Dynamic Allocation, it allows AdX/AdSense to compete against another network. This means publishers can better decide how to monetise their inventory by letting them view how much media buyers are willing to pay for a given ad impression by inviting bids from multiple compatible supply sources.

For example, a really lucrative user visits your site – they’ve bought a BMW every year at the same time for the last 5 years. They are a really valuable user. Their bid price maybe $150CPM but their transaction price maybe $30. Our goal is to get the transaction price as close to $150 as possible. We do this by increasing the competition using other networks and technology.

Should I be using it?

  • if you have limited dev time
  • if you lack ad management knowledge
  • if you are unsure of what tech platform to use

Outsourcing the management of your remnant ads will enable you to focus on other things. We are a team of publisher monetisation experts and we help improve site’s performance and revenue.

What people say

“I decided to work with Publift because I had limited knowledge on ad management and limited dev time. They are experts in this field and a Google certified publishing partner. So it is guaranteed that I am in good hands.”

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