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Google Case Study: Publift uses Exchange Bidding to deliver 40% higher CPMs across 50 publisher clients

Google recently published a case study on our journey for the implementation of Exchange Bidding.

While we were successful in managing header bidding for our clients, there were some improvements that needed to be made. Setup was technical, there were periodic page speed and performance issues and clients needed to consolidate billing from different revenue sources.

As a result, Google and Publift saw an opportunity to implement Exchange Bidding across 50 of our publishers to make our service more effective and efficient – the core philosophy of Publift’s service.

In a short time, we saw excellent results:

  • 40% higher programmatic CPMs in the first six weeks of implementation

  • 90% Ad Manager bid responses at 3x higher than typical

  • 30% time savings for the account managers.


Read the case study here.


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*All results above are estimates based on previous achievements.