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Thanks to their collaboration with Publift, BeachGrit as a business has been able to grow beyond the restricted surf market.


  • 72.67% impressions uplift

  • 24.45% revenue uplift


How Beachgrit  began

BeachGrit started as a surfing magazine called Stab Derek Rielly in 2003. After almost 12 years, Derek wanted to create a better version of Stab. 

BeachGrit, which launched in July 2014, as Stab 2.0, with Derek bringing Stab’s US-based writer Charlie Smith into the business as a founding partner. 

Today BeachGrit is now bigger from a traffic perspective than all the other surf news websites combined, and up to ten times bigger than the governing body of pro surfing, the World Surf League! 

As the WSL’s CEO said recently, “BeachGrit is authentic. He is the beating heart of what we love. The kryptonite to the wall of positive noise!”


Who is Beachgrit?  

BeachGrit, a platform for surf news, often veering into politics and social commentary. BeachGrit exists to place a libertine, and centrist, moral and ideological code over surf and mainstream news, and usually with a humorous, but factual, bent. 

With Publift, Beachgrit as a business has been able to grow beyond our endemic surf market.”
James Prier


Why Beachgrit came to Publift

Beachgrit embarked on the process of moving from an in-house sales model for its display ads to a programmatic model. James Prier mentioned doing a huge amount of research to find the perfect demand partner for publishers, until he began looking for a publisher monetization partner like Publift to assist with optimising real-time bidding amongst a wide range of partners rather than having to just sign up to one.

However, all options seemed to have a couple of barriers. Eventually, James stumbled on Publift by chance, late at night, reading an old tech



How Publift was able to help

Thanks to the collaboration with Publift, Beachgrit as a business has been able to grow beyond the restricted surf market. The traditional model of relying on niche partners to fund surf media has a number of drawbacks. Particularly, the fact that the revenue comes with the caveat of certain control and censorship over the news and media that you publish. With Publift and, not having this censorship, has meant that Beachgrit has a greater sense of trust and reliability with our audience.

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