The New Daily is an independent fast growing news website, providing up to the minute reporting on the biggest stories of the day.





TheNewDaily Background

The New Daily are a rapidly growing news publisher based out of Melbourne, Australia. Flaunting a very niche audience, The New Daily has been able to reach population segments that digital media brands have struggled to reach historically. This has lead to an increase in demand for their inventory as the site continues to grow. The New Daily have a very engaged audience, which has allowed for the stable growth of their programmatic revenue over the last two years.


Although The New Daily were growing at a rapid rate, maintaining scalable growth and profit was increasingly becoming a challenge. Publift and The New Daily were able to implement viewability friendly ad unit structure, keeping their ad placements within high thresholds for viewability. This structure allowed them to increase their profits, As advertisers are inclined to advertise within these high viewability thresholds. More recently, The New Daily have made the switch to the FUSE platform, which has allowed them to seamlessly implement new ad technologies, whilst maintaining their optimum ad unit layout.


Achieved Results

  • 65% revenue growth YoY
  • Transition to the FUSE platform


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Metservice NZ Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited (MetService) was established as a state-owned enterprise in 1992. It employs about 250 staff and its headquarters are in Wellington, New Zealand.

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The New Daily is an independent fast growing news website, providing up to the minute reporting on the biggest stories of the day.

The New Daily provides news you can use from the worlds of money, sport, entertainment, and lifestyle. With a 5am email sent to over 1,000,000 subscribers every day of the week, The New Daily equips their audience with everything they need to know in a neat package of key stories, images and insight.


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Envato Tuts+ offers video courses and written tutorials to help you learn creative skills in code, design and illustration, photography, video, music, web design, game development, craft, and more.


HotCopper is Australia’s largest stock trading and investment internet discussion forum and provides the latest in Australian finance news, market caps , ASX listed company announcements and prices.

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Willyweather’s mission is to gather, from various sources, the most reliable weather forecast and observational data worldwide; and to present that data in the most simple, innovative and user-friendly ways.


Australia’s largest independent women’s website. We are news, opinion, social commentary, political analysis, style, relationships, parenting, beauty and healthy, great videos, clever podcasts, and deeply personal stories.