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brand safety and transparency with AdWizard

 Adwizard. It’s kinda like a crystal ball for publishers.

You’re serious about brand safety. And so are we. That’s why we created Adwizard, an industry-first Google Chrome extension that helps you identify and manage the ads appearing on your site.

For publishers, brand safety is vital to user experience. And transparency is vital to yours. You want know that you are getting the best yield possible from your inventory.

Adwizard gives publishers and AdOps teams the ability to make informed decisions about ads on a webpage in real-time. We’ve taken the best features of other tools and combined them into one so you can view vital ad information quickly, in one place saving you wasted time and effort.

It’s kinda like a crystal ball for publishers.

You’re also able to see ad performance in real-time and view key performance metrics for each network including bid cpm, competing networks and response times to make better decisions about the ads and networks driving your revenue.

When you use Adwizard with our Fuse platform you have the added benefit of identifying problematic ad units and blocking them with a single click. Like magic. With three easy-to-use tabs and a slick UI, managing ads on your site just got a little easier.

AdWizard helps publishers block unwanted ads
brand safety and transparency with AdWizard

Minimise ad fraud with Fuse.

While Adwizard helps identify ads on the page, our goal is to help you avoid bad actors being there in the first place.

That’s why we integrate cybersecurity services behind the Fuse tag to maximise your ad revenue and minimise the kind of ads that can impact your users and your reputation.

The magic of Adwizard.

View ad details

View hard-to-reach data like ad sizes, order IDs and advertiser IDs for each ad on a webpage.


Access prebid responses on both an ad unit and network level, highlighting winning bids and timeout details.


Easily block unwanted ads with a single click, sending an automated blocking request directly to Publift.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Brand Safety

What is brand safety?

Brand safety takes on a different meaning for each of the different players within the advertising ecosystem. An advertiser will have a different expectation of brand safety compared to a publisher but broadly, brand safety refers to minimising damage to a brand’s image by managing exposure to risky content or sites.

For example, a reputable brand is unlikely to want their ads to be seen on a site that’s suspicious or alongside content that puts it in a bad light or goes against its brand values. e.g. crime, violence, drugs, scandals, negative news etc. For a publisher, the same goes for ads promoting his kind of content.

Even though all of this may seem obvious, different brands have different levels of tolerance, and it’s not always easy to categorise what may be an unsafe or inappropriate situation. That’s why it’s important to have clear criteria about what is acceptable, so it can be managed (and automated wherever possible) to minimise any impact.

How can you ensure brand safety?

It’s important to realise that managing brand safety is a difficult and constantly changing process. What is “safe”for a brand today, may not be tomorrow. The approach will be different for publishers than it is for advertisers, but in either case, it’s important to:

– Define what brand safety means for your brand.
– Make transparency a priority.
– Choose a reputable programmatic provider or agency.
– Opt for premium inventory/do what you can to manage the quality of your inventory.
– Avoid blacklisted publishers/make sure your site isn’t blacklisted.
– Monitor campaigns/sites in real-time to identify threats/issues.

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