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Join the 100s of business publishers drastically increasing ad revenue with header bidding by adding more competition for your impressions


Publisher’s see an average lift of 54%

Publishers using header bidding through our fuse platform have seen an average net increase of 54% in revenue within just 6 months of switching.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique where publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time before making calls to their ad servers. The idea is by letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, publishers increase their yield and make more money. And who doesn’t want more money?

We work with all the big ad partners so you capture bids from all advertisers, regardless of their buying platform. header bidding gives each partner a fair chance to bid in real time, thus increasing competition and driving up the winning bid.

Benefits of using header bidding include increased competition and a faster auction which improves relevancy and boosts revenue.

header bidding open auction increases competition and ad revenue

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We help you save time and make more money

PMP Deal Management

Benefit from exclusive access to buyer deals & private auctions which generate higher revenues and more targeted ads.

Header Bidding

More competition for your impressions means more money for you. Our Fuse tech platform instantly gives you access to a range of premium ad sources.

Ad Layout Optimisation

We’ve sprouted a grey hair or two by testing and learning from hundreds of other publishers. Let us save your gorgeous mane from the same fate with our recommendations.

How it works


Place tag

We provide you with our simple to use fuse tag. Install it once and reap the benefits of our Fuse platform.


Monitor revenue

Get access to our dashboard with automated reporting and real-time stats including impressions, CPMs and revenue


Get paid

We handle the rest. Sit back and count the money coming. No invoices. Unified payments.

Increase demand for your impressions

With our Fuse platform, you will instantly have access to header bidding with a range of the top performing ad exchanges all competing for your users. Our publishers see an immediate increase in CPMs without lifting a finger. It’s time you join the revolution and start seeing real growth.

Get access to our private deals

Our publisher community gets exclusive access to programmatic deals set up across our customers, from premium advertisers looking to spend more. Join the team and start getting higher revenue for your premium inventory.

Numbers Talk

Only Google certified publishing partner in Australa

Only 1


2 billion monthly impressions for publishers

2 Billion


93% customer satisfaction rating

93% Customer


Check out the growth Envato has seen with Publift

The worlds leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people has seen tremendous growth with 1.5 billion impressions matched to date.

"We wouldn’t be where we are today in terms of where our ads are sitting without Publift. They are always thinking about how we can evolve and how we can grow and how it can change and adapt to the needs of the website in a given time."

– Matthew Cox, Tut+ Manager

Why Publift?

Publift is located in Sydney

We're Aussie

Expertise on your doorstep – the AUNZ market is our thing

Cutting edge adtech for programmatic advertising

Cutting-Edge Tech

Play in the same space as the big guys with the latest adtech

55% increase in ad revenue for publishers with Publift


Our clients see an average of 55% net revenue growth after 6 months using Fuse

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