what is ad trafficking

This is the process of setting up campaigns or ads in an ad server. Advertisers often have very specific goals for their campaigns, including viewability targets, click-through rates, demographic targeting and volume goals. The setup of an ad server that's serving multiple campaigns can often be convoluted and difficult to troubleshoot. Publishers without a structured ad server and ad unit setup may struggle to optimally deliver campaigns.


How does it work?

Publishers proactively search and negotiate deals with advertisers and networks for campaigns that are relevant to their content and audience. An agreement is then signed and the campaign can be setup in the ad server. Depending on the nature of the campaign and the advertiser’s goals, a plethora of settings and creative types are set up and then the publisher is responsible for trafficking the campaign. This often takes copious testing and development work, which the publisher is often not geared towards doing.

Should I be using it?

  • I short of time and trafficking is expensive on my day to day work
  • I’m trafficking many campaigns with various targets

Ad Trafficking
24Hr Turnaround @ $150 per hour

  • Liaise with sales team on briefs for all new campaigns
  • Deal directly with advertisers/agencies to chase up creatives
  • Notification of campaign commencement
  • Optimise Campaign Performance
  • Schedule Reporting & Campaign monitoring
  • DFP Troubleshooting


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