what is doubleclick first look

DFL is a newly built product in DFP that allows you to increase the value of your most sought after impressions. DFL allows advertisers within the DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) to bid and win impressions that have been booked for direct campaigns, when the bid is above a predetermined threshold. The aim of DFL is to have AdX winning impressions at a heightened eCPM, without disrupting the progress of your direct campaigns. An effective First look strategy allows for the best performing ad units to increase their programmatic revenue, without reducing direct campaign revenue


How does it work?

DFL can be seamlessly integrated into your ad stack - simply enabling this feature within AdX's interface and designating price thresholds, you can increase auction intensity for your most prized impressions.

Should I be using it?

  • if you sell impressions to direct buyers

DFL gives you another revenue channel. The challenge with using DFL, is determining the correct pricing strategy to ensure you do not cannibalise your direct campaign revenue with with programmatic. Publift have employed sophisticated First Look strategies to increase publishers overall revenue, and to maintain publisher's direct revenue. See the case study for more on DFL .

What people say

“Many people say that DFL is the Google’s answer to header bidding, but Publift has found a way to use both DFL and header bidding together. This has substantially increased our CPM, resulting in huge increases in ad revenue.”

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