what is header bidding

Header Bidding has come in and revolutionised the industry by allowing networks to load in the header of a web page. This means the price that they can deliver in real time is sent to AdX/AdSense meaning no lost impressions. The price that they compete at is also fair and accurate.


How does it work?

Header Bidding, or pre-bidding is a new technology embraced by many publishers worldwide. It came about because many networks felt they were not getting a fair price in the auction. Basically without header bidding most publishers using many different networks use DFP as an adserver and use Dynamic Allocation to optimise performance.

It is an advanced programmatic technique wherein publishers offer their inventories to multiple ad exchanges before making a call to an ad server. It allows publishers to better decide how to monetise their inventory, by letting them view how much media buyers are willing to pay for a given ad impression in real-time.

The idea is by letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, publsihers increase their yields and make more profit.

Should I be using it?

  • if you have limited dev time
  • if you lack ad management knowledge
  • if you are unsure of what tech platform to use

Outsourcing the management of your remnant ads will enable you to focus on other things. We are a team of publisher monetisation experts and we help improve site's performance and revenue.

What people say

Scott Yang - Owner


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