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DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) use a variety of rules and exclusions to give you a granular outlook on your inventory. You can employ a variety of rules including pricing, blocking, size rules, opt-ins and ad style rules, among others, to completely control how AdX interacts with your inventory. When optimally configured, your rules setup can grow your revenue. AdX rules testing is an experimental product that autonomously adjusts rules within your AdX account to increase revenue proactively and continuously via a machine learning model.


How does it work?

The AdX Rules testing product is an algorithm that continuously tests and adjusts the rules setup in your AdX account, by splitting traffic between experimental conditions, optimised conditions and control conditions. On an 8 hour timeframe, the rules testing product adjusts the rules being applied to the experimental groups. From each experimental group that return a significantly higher eCPM than the control, rules adjustments are then applied to the optimised group, which incrementally increases your revenue as the testing procedures go through many different rules configurations over time.

Is AsX Rules Testing For Me?

  • If you use DoubleClick Ad Exchange or another SSP (e.g AppNexus)
  • If you are looking to optimise your rules and do not have the time or products to do so

The challenge with AdX rules is that there are almost infinite different combinations that can be applied at any given time, which makes the rules setup almost impossible optimise by hand, and products on the market are often unreasonably priced for many publishers. Publift have partnered with a vendor to make rules optimisation affordable and accessible to all publishers, whilst tailoring to the needs and changes for individual publishers. See our case study here to get more information on a successful implementation.

What people say

“I had difficulties testing rules by hand and in real time, but Publift and their cutting-edge technology does it for me to increase revenue in AdX.”

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