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Written by Ben Morrisroe

11 Nov, 2019

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When working with any kind of data it is important to have some level of excel skills in order to help you manipulate it and draw the right conclusions. This is the case particularly when working with publishers as a lot of the work needed to increase ad revenue and user engagement is data focused. You can make hypotheses and guesses on what pages will perform best and at what ad layout will maximise revenue whilst enhancing user experience, but at the end of the day, unless these are back by data, your best guesses can often be wrong and misleading.  is a site our Account Management and sales teams use regularly to help us live up to our data first business philosophy. We have our new recruits run through the basics sections of Excel-easy to ensure everyone has a solid grounding in the tool from the get go. We want to in still the data first ethos and culture in every new Publifter so by grounding a lot of the initial onboarding material in data analysis and statistics, we are able to engrain this into the heart of Publift.

 As we progress new Account Managers, we will bring them through some of the statistical tutorials to up skill them in this area. A lot of the optimisations we do around optimising the bid time out within the header bidding auction and the partners within those auctions consist of us looking at the standard deviation of the bids coming in and finding the optimum time at which to complete the auction to maximise both ad revenue and page speed. The tutorials here again have been instrumental in giving our employees an easy way to learn and become efficient in executing these calculations for our publishers.


Overall this is a great online resource and any publisher looking to get a bit more data driven in terms of the new content they look to create, new page or site layouts they are looking to implement or weighing up the best revenue strategies for their business should definitely check it out.

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