What is FUSE

Fuse is a simple ad management platform that configures multiple ad technologies into one easy to use interface. Publift's agnostic approach means publishers gain access to a wide range of premium advertisers and cutting edge ad technology, without having to open multiple accounts and sign new contracts. We do all of this for you - maximising revenue and minimising management time.

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Header Bidding


Machine Learning

Fuse utilises all of the latest, best performing ad technologies currently available to the market and combines them into one easy to use solution. It comes with a simple but robust reporting system that lets you see which revenue streams are performing best.

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All revenue Streams in one Account

Fuse Reporting Dashboard shows all revenue steams in one place. It's simple to understand and navigate, but also allows for complex analysis of performance by provider, website and even ad unit.

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Plug and Play Solution

Fuse tags are very simple to implement. They do not require extensive development work or previous experience with ad tags. We build the unified tags our end and incorporate all the latest technology. We give you a simple snippet of code to add to your site instead of complex ad tags. Data servers all around the world let us process each ad request within milliseconds, no matter where you are located. As the tag is hosted - we don't need you to keep making changes to your website pages to test new ad technology. We can make all the updates you need from our end. Saving you precious dev time.