what is programmatic deal management

Programmatic deals are having an increasingly large impact on advertising revenue streams for online publishers. Effective management of the programmatic landscape will ensure that optimum prices are achieved for each of the ad impressions on a site, and in turn, that revenue is maximised.


How does it work?

Programmatic deals are a part of a delicate ecosystem. They include preferred deals, private auctions and programmatic guaranteed deals. These deals allow negotiation of high prices for premium inventory and take precedence above buyers that come through the open auction.

  • Private auctions involve offering specific inventory on a publisher’s site to a selected pool of buyers. This gives the select buyers preferred access within a smaller AdX auction, before the inventory goes to the open auction. The buyers are not obliged to buy a certain volume of impressions and can instead place bids at their discretion.
  • Preferred deals give certain, specified advertisers priority access to a site’s inventory before other buyers for a fixed, negotiated CPM. As such, there should be a reasonably high CPM set, as the buyers can secure access to this inventory for the set CPM, or any price above.
  • Programmatic guaranteed deals are set up when an advertiser agrees to purchase a set volume of impressions for a fixed CPM on a publishers site. These deals are distinct from other programmatic deals in that once the deal has been made, the corresponding inventory is sold and becomes reserved for that deal.

DFL can be seamlessly integrated into your ad stack – simply enabling this feature within AdX’s interface and designating price thresholds, you can increase auction intensity for your most prized impressions.

Problems publishers often face:

  • Why are big brands not buying any impressions?
  • How to get in touch with Agency Trading Desks
  • Selling impressions too cheaply – for less than what they are worth.

We have a dedicated team that liaises with the top trading agency desks in the country. We update them regularly with our new client portfolio and ask that such clients are included on agency whitelists. These whitelists serve as a catalogue that advertisers look into for publishing sites they want their campaigns to appear.

What people say

“Big brands like Qantas are now buying impressions from my site after being listed and accepted to their agencies' whitelists. Publift made this happen. They also help me decide on which deal type suits my campaign, to get better results.”

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