5 Simple Things Your Office Can Do to Cut Down Waste

Much of the time we talk about how, as individuals, we can be more environmentally friendly in our homes, whether it be by recycling more or cutting down waste altogether. Whilst recycling in Australia has generally improved, it’s also important to remember that a significant amount of non-recyclable and recyclable materials still end up in […]

Irish Australian Business Awards Finalist: Start Up of the Year

  Every year the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce gives exceptional Irish Australian businesses the chance to be recognised for their inspiring stories of success. This year was no different. The Irish Chamber of Commerce describes it as a chance “…to celebrate innovation and best practice in the Irish Australian business community…” We’re honoured and […]

Freaky Friday at Publift

Last Friday was an unbelievably eventful day here in the Publift office. We managed to take the excitement to an entirely new level by celebrating the graduation of our 10-week internship program, hosting a Xoogler x Publift event and topping it all off with a festive Halloween party. What a day it turned out to […]

Benefits of Team Sport for your Business

At face value you might say that sport and work are two polar opposite domains; Sport is a weekend activity with your friends, and work is, well, work. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t place sport and business in the same category, however, the two are mutually beneficial in the way that physical activity is […]

Publift | Google Livestream Event!

Last week Publift had the awesome opportunity to host a livestream event alongside Google & Acqua Media.   Why?  We wanted to collectively share our knowledge on the effectiveness of Google Adsense, Ad Manager & AMP. The livestream format gave Publisher’s the opportunity to learn and ask in depth questions in regards to their current […]