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Publift's awards and achievements including Google certified publishing partner

Our Solution

Lift revenue with one simple platform

fuse programmatic adtech platform

Forget managing multiple scripts, partners, reports and platforms. We use a single tag to fuse it all into one easy plug & play solution, we called Fuse. See what we did there?

Header BIDDING & Exchange Bidding

 You want the best price for your ad inventory and channels. That’s why Fuse combines Header and Exchange Bidding to boost competition and maximise your ad revenue.

Brand Safety & Transparency

We keep dodgy ads away from your users. Adwizard, our industry-first Chrome extension, lets you block unwanted ads or view performance in real time.

PMP Deal Management

Benefit from exclusive access to buyer deals & private auctions which generate higher revenues and more targeted ads. Not to be confused with PIMP deal management…

Automated Reporting

Who likes working through endless spreadsheets in Excel? Nobody. With Fuse, you can see all your reports and metrics across all partners and pages in a single dashboard.

Ad Layout & Optimisation

We’ve sprouted a grey hair or two by testing and learning from hundreds of publishers. Let us save your gorgeous mane from the same fate with our expert insights & recommendations.

Why Publift?

55% increase in ad revenue for publishers with Publift


Our only goal is your success. Our clients see an average net revenue growth of 55% after just 6 months using Fuse.

Cutting edge adtech for programmatic advertising


From a single site to major publishing networks our award-winning Fuse platform keeps you on the cutting edge of programmatic adtech.

Cutting edge adtech for programmatic advertising


Our Ad Manager Account or yours. Our Ad Ops or yours. We make it simple. You get the benefits.

CEO Colm Dolan is an ex Googler with extensive programmatic advertising experience


An Aussie success story goes global

Publift was founded in 2015, by a couple of brainy ex-Google blokes who had a big idea (as they do). Their vision was to be the first platform to give digital publishers (a.k.a. website or blog owners) access to hard-to-reach premium advertisers through programmatic technology and simplified, impartial guidance in an easy, ethical and unbiased way. They knew how important ad revenue is to a publishing business and could see publishers needed help understanding the adtech landscape and how to get most out of ads on their sites. This focus is what helped us become the proud winners of The Drum APAC Best Sell-Side Technology for Programmatic Trading in October 2019, make the top ten in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and pick up the Google Certified Publishing Partner Transformer Award as well.

Now, Publift is the only Google Certified Publishing Partner based in AUNZ with a humble but mighty team loaded with expertise, passion and a cracking sense of humour, bringing our cutting-edge adtech to the world.

Impressions Last Month

Our Clients

The best publishers in AUNZ & around the world

What our clients have to say

“The value that Publift add is to free up any internal resources that are handling advertising, and also make more money for the company. They were helpful in advising us on how much we might expect from different creative sizes, which helped us to determine which ads to include and where they should be placed. they also pushed us to put ads in places that we were initially reluctant to and, in hindsight, I’m grateful for that.”


“Publift bring cutting edge technology & insights driven by their vastly experienced team of developers & programmatic experts. Their solutions mean I can concentrate on building content knowing my ad revenue is in good hands.”


“We were a bit hesitant in moving over to Fuse. But the performance has been fantastic. Up 30% YoY is a great return for us. The team really help with any tech setup we need. It’s great to have that support which we don’t have in-house.”


“Being a small publisher without a large team can be a lonely existence and one of the biggest issues we face is simply not knowing what we don’t know. These events put on by Publift are a great way to connect with industry experts and other publishers with far more experience than we have. It has been very rewarding for us to be a part of a community who are so eager to share and learn from each other.”


“Publift have really transformed my business and approach to advertising. Programmatic was something I was very afraid of because I thought it would cannibalise my direct ad revenue. Now, programmatic growth means I’ve less reliance on one source of revenue. They’ve increased my revenue by over 200% Year on Year.”


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Frequently Asked Questions about Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process of buying & selling digital advertising space through automated technology. Before programmatic, the process of buying & selling ads meant that you had to negotiate insertion orders, set up and report on campaigns manually.

What does a programmatic advertising technology company do?

Programmatic adtech companies provide access to the highly automated process of buying or selling programmatic ad inventory.

Apart from the technology, (which is obviously a major plus), there are a lot of other advantages of working with a programmatic adtech provider. Adtech is complex. And it changes fast.

Working with a trusted partner provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from, so you don’t need to focus on every aspect of the ecosystem or implement it. This can help avoid potential pitfalls as well as giving you the benefit of established partnerships and networks developed to maximise outcomes. Working with a programmatic adtech company (like Publift) also provides other benefits such as ad optimisation, consolidated reporting, brand safety, training and more through its award-winning Fuse platform.

How does programmatic ad buying work?

Programmatic media buying includes the use of DSPs, SSPs and DMPs.

DSPs, (demand-side platforms) facilitate the process of buying ad inventory on the open market and provide the ability for a buyer to reach their target audience due to the integration of a DMP (data management platform).

The dsp connects buyers to seller inventory via links to SSPs (supply-side platforms). These two platforms talk to each other via APIs that create an automated marketplace.

Is programmatic advertising effective?

Yes. When it’s done properly. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to find the most cost-efficient ad impressions to reach the right audience for their brand or product. For Publishers, programmatic advertising campaigns offer a cost-effective way to sell their valuable ad inventory automatically. On average, Publift clients see a net uplift of 54% on their net revenue by integrating our Fuse programmatic advertising platform on their sites.

What does programmatic advertising offer publishers?

Programmatic advertising allows publishers to increase revenue from their website by filling as much of their available inventory as possible. Because it’s flexible, publishers can sell inventory they haven’t already sold directly to advertisers to monetise and maximise the return on their valuable content.

Why is Publift the leading programmatic advertising platform in Australia?

Fuse is an award-winning programmatic advertising platform that Australian publishers genuinely vouch for. (Take a look at our case studies page to hear how Fuse has boosted revenue and profits for a host of publishers). With this in mind, Publift is expanding its USA programmatic advertising operations to provide global reach, beyond its Asia Pacific base.


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