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After having a bad experience with another header bidding partner, Digital Photography School (DPS) was able to trust Publift due to our openness, focus on safety and superior technology.


  • 15% CPM uplift

  • 30% revenue uplift


How Digital Photography School began

Digital Photography School (DPS) was founded in 2006 by Darren Rowse, a digital photography enthusiast. Initially, Darren owned and operated a digital camera review site, but soon came to the conclusion that people could use a website that would include tips on how to actually use the cameras they buy to their maximum potential. And so Digital Photography School was born. Since then the site has grown to include a team around the world writing tips for a community of over 2 million.


What is Digital Photography School 

Digital Photography School is a website with tips for photographers who want to get off auto mode and get the most out of their cameras. The school is not a traditional school – it does not hold classes in any classrooms nor does it have final exams. It is a supportive online environment where everyone can access over 8,000 tutorials with the latest tips and tricks on how to take the best photos. And all for free! 

“I feel like I am part of the team when working with Publift. The trust that has been developed during our partnership combined with the enhanced performance is the reason I’d choose Publift as our partner again.”
- Laney Galligan, General Manager of Digital Photography School


Why Digital Photography School came to Publift

Digital Photography School was experiencing a decrease in Adsense reliability and revenue and knew that the site was probably better suited to monetisation through header bidding. The company began to cooperate with another partner in the header bidding industry to solve the issues, however it did not satisfy the DPS needs. The management felt they did not have enough control over their website and trust in the product offering. The initial implementation caused a loss in revenue due to errors in the code provided, and the lack of transparency and control led to a lack of trust, and the partnership never got off the ground. 

There was a need for change. Publift gained DPS’s trust due to our openness, safety, superior technology and local base in Australia. Digital Photography School also appreciated the non-forceful cooperation which allows DPS to keep control over their webpage, and make all the important decisions. And it paid off! Publift went live with 50% of traffic, and within a couple of weeks, moved to 100% of traffic due to good performance. Find more about how Publift was able to help Digital Photography School in the next section. 


How Publift was able to help

Digital Photography School (DPS) joined Publift in January 2019. Prior to joining they were using Adsense to monetise their site.  Coming onboard our Fuse tags saw a 15% uplift in CPM and 30% uplift in revenue. One of the first optimisations we did was to advise on the ad layout and ad sizes to maximise Revenue Per Page (RPM).

Due to the length of their articles, we implemented sticky units that followed the reader down the page. This, when combined with refresh, increased revenue by 76% on these ad units. A sticky unit on mobile was added in September 2019 which added 8% of total revenue. We have increased their viewability score from 49% to 62%. With the Fuse Classic tags in place they have over 12 networks in header bidding demand to compete for their inventory.  Their best month in 2019 saw a 143% increase in revenue.

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