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Client Snapshot

After partnering with Publift, the founder, Robert Shearing, has left his full-time employment to work on Paycalculator project full time instead. He is today building the business around the site.


  • 34.35% increase in average CPM

  • 335.42% monthly net revenue increase

  • 18.69% increase in fill rate


How Paycalculator began

The Paycalculator business started as a personal project.  With hard work and time, it has been slowly growing over 10 years. Today, the online platform has become well used and trusted in Australia, giving consumers the help they need to calculate financial items.


What is Paycalculator 

Paycalculator is an online tool to help individuals and businesses quickly calculate tax obligations on wages. There are different options and items that you can decide to include such as your salary, tax year, and superannuation. Moreover, you can select by keywords that better fit your situation, for example working holiday visa or student loan. 

Once you add all your information, the website will show your total, and additional information in a table, divided into weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and annually.

The site has experienced an astonishing increase in revenue in the last year and this has been entirely due to my involvement with Publift.” 
Rob Shearing, Paycalculator


Why Paycalculator came to Publift

Prior to working with Publift, the site was not optimized in order to take advantage of improvements in Ad technology. 

Robert Shearing, the founder of Paycalculator, told us that before Publift he was very cautious in working with an ad partner. He did not trust easily, and he was suspicious that any increase in revenue would have gone directly to the Ad partner. 

Hence, Paycalculator’s management team was very careful to maintain the decision-making power of the site, keeping to work towards the best interest of their website.  

However, Robert recognized the benefits of optimizing Ad Technology and he was willing to find the right trusting partner.


How Publift was able to help

Prior to working with Publift, the site was not optimised to take advantage of improvements in ad technology. There was also concern from the client that he would lose control of the site and be forced to make changes that were detrimental to the experience of using the site. Using ad layout optimisation and triggering multiple ad refreshes, Paycalculator is benefiting from a percentage increase of 335.42% monthly net revenue, 302.44% monthly paid impressions, 34.35% average CPM and 18.69% increase in fill rate. 

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