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Fuse programmatic tech platform

access to fuse tech platform

header and exchange bidding

Header Bidding & Exchange Bidding

brand safety and transparency

Brand Safety & Transparency

PMP deal management

PMP Deal Management

Automated reporting of ad performance and revenue

Automated Reporting

Ad layout and optimisations

Ad Layout & Optimisation

Fuse programmatic platform

The easy-to-use Fuse platform allows you to control all Publift tech services & reporting in one place.

You replace your current AdSense or third party tag on your webpage with our simple line of code. You don't need to be a tech genius to get the tags up and running - they're designed for everyday users.

We aim to get our publishers using Fuse within one week.

Simple setup

The Fuse platform was designed to take away the complexities of ad tech

All in one place

A seamless solution combining the best ad partners in an intuitive dashboard

It's easy. Truly.

No need for "techpertise" - we manage it for you

Get Fuse, our all-in-one solution

header and exchange bidding

Header bidding VS waterfall auction: why header bidding is better for your business

There are two ways in which you can auction your ads:


waterfall auction in programmatic advertising

Waterfall Auction

A waterfall auction is when the request to fill an ad goes one-by-one to each network in a waterfall-like nature.

The network doesn't know the value of the impression when they receive it so they won't pay for it. If the network does fill the impression, they may have paid less than the next partner was willing to.

This method could mean publishers are missing out on a higher bidder who was never called down the list.

In this example, Partner C never got a chance to bid so the publisher missed out on $.80.

Header Bidding

Header bidding is real-time competition between multiple advertisers from multple partners.

We work with all the big ad partners so you capture bids from all advertisers, regardless of their buying platform. Header bidding gives each partner a fair chance to bid in real time, thus increasing competition and driving up the winning bid.

In this example, the winning bid went to Partner C because they had the highest bid in real time. He just made himself an extra $.80.

Benefits of using header bidding include increased competition and a faster auction which improves relevancy and boosts revenue.

header bidding open auction increases competition and ad revenue
brand safety and transparency with AdWizard

We're pretty serious about brand safety. So we've created Adwizard, an industry-first Google Chrome extension to help.

Access to the Adwizard Chrome extension gives you the ability to block unwanted ads on a webpage with a single click. It’ll send a block request directly to us, making life just a little easier for you.

You’re also able to see ad performance in real time and view key performance metrics for each network including bid CPM, competing networks and response times.

There are currently over 600 publishers using Adwizard.

AdWizard helps publishers block unwanted ads
PMP deal management

We sell and manage deals with premium AUNZ advertisers.

“PMP deals” stands for “private marketplace deals” and is another way of saying we give you access to private  auctions to a selected pool of premium advertisers.

When you enter our Publift network, you gain instant access to these pre-existing buyer deals and private auctions which are usually only available to large publishers. We take care of setup, troubleshooting and reporting for you.

The benefit to you? Well, you get more premium ads which, in turn, generate more revenue for you.

How private marketplace deals work in programmatic advertising

Get Fuse, our all-in-one solution

Automated reporting of ad performance and revenue

You're the content guru so let us do the data manipulation and reporting for you.

Our reporting dashboard, built into the Fuse platform, simplifies the performance of ads so you can easily see where your revenue comes from. You’ll also be able to see your site’s true overall CPM and which networks are performing best.

There’s no extra work for reporting - it’s automated after you place the Fuse tag on your site.

Fuse dashboard showing your ad revenue and performance
Ad layout and optimisations

A huge part of maximising your ad revenue is increasing your ad viewability.

Viewability is set to remain a key metric by which advertisers measure success.

That’s why we analyse your website for you and make suggestions for the best combination of ad sizes, layouts and types to ensure you have the optimal setup structure.

Don’t worry, our ad layout and optimisation guide is created with your readers in mind and won’t compromise their user experience.

optimised ad layouts for desktop and mobile

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