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WillyWeather has sought Publift as a trusted partner in outsourcing their advertising setup in order to save valuable hours on testing networks, setups and optimizing ad layouts.

By outsourcing this part of the business process to Publift, the WillyWeather team was able to focus more time on creating a great website and amazing content for their users, while experiencing positive results as well.


  • 107.76% YoY growth in revenue per page

  • 6.45% growth in page views

  • 121.17% YoY growth in revenue


How WillyWeather began

WillyWeather was founded over 10 years ago in Sydney. Initially, it started the first national tides database, had quite a niche following from fishermen, and then expanded it into a full weather service in 2009.


What is WillyWeather 

WillyWeather is a global provider of local weather services, that operates a website, an iPhone app and an Android app. It has its origins in Australia, and currently serves two more countries apart from its homeland – USA and UK, together reaching over 3 million monthly users, with plans to launch in Canada.

In Australia, it provides up to date weather forecast information for over 15 000 Australian locations, on BoM weather radar, satellite images as well as synoptic charts. 


“The value that Publift add is to free up any internal resources that are handling advertising, and also make more money for the company. They were helpful in advising us on how much we might expect from different creative sizes, which helped us to determine which ads to include and where they should be placed. They also pushed us to put ads in places that we were initially reluctant to and, in hindsight, I’m grateful for that.”

Will, WillyWeather


Why WillyWeather came to Publift

WillyWeather explained that “the main issue with how we previously did things was the number of hours we spent on it. Trying to increase your eCPM is a bottomless pit of wasted hours.””

By outsourcing this part of the business, the team was able to focus more time on creating a great website and amazing content for their users and less time thinking about what new ad tech to implement and AB testing different ad layouts and formats.

Outsource to a Trusted Business


How Publift was able to help

WillyWeather has been with Publift for over three years and were originally serviced through a third party header bidding solution before coming over to Publift’s Fuse platform. An initial focus on introducing larger ad formats in more viewable positions combined with the increased demand from implementing header bidding saw significant improvements in revenue for WillyWeather and allowed them to put more focus into growing their international business and audience acquisition. 

The move over to Fuse Classic saw a significant revenue jump due to improved tag performance. This combined with continual A/B testing and tweaking through the tag has continued to drive incremental improvements for WillyWeather. By focusing on enhancing viewability through layout changes coupled with finding the optimum refresh rate on key high view time ad units such as the desktop and mobile sticky units, WillyWeather saw a 121% growth in ad revenue in 2019 with 6% growth in page views.


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