The all-in-one programmatic advertising solution for publishers.


Find your site's potential
Fuse programmatic platform

The all-in-one Fuse programmatic platform for publishers
gives you access to a world of programmatic adtech, partners & reporting in one place,
with one simple tag.

The results? Outstanding.

So what is Fuse?

Fuse is an all-in-one programmatic advertising solution for publishers. 
Fuse is powered by a single piece of code that brings together all of the essential elements needed to maximise programmatic ad revenue on your site.

And because of our proprietary tag management system, which can be managed remotely, we take the guesswork out of keeping across all the latest technology, industry changes and partnerships so you can focus on what you do best – creating great content.

Fuse programmatic platform

Getting started is easy. We built it that way. 

To start experiencing the power of Fuse on your site, simply replace your current adsense or third-party tag with our simple line of code.

No need to be a tech genius to get the tag up and running either – we’ve designed it for even the most inexperienced users. But don’t worry, you’re never on your own. Our team of programmatic platform experts will help get you onboard fast and work with you to optimise your site and maximise revenue.

Simple setup
The Fuse platform was designed to take away the complexities of ad tech.
All in one place
A seamless solution combining the best ad partners in an intuitive dashboard.
It's easy. Truly.
No need for “techpertise” – we manage it for you.

Get Fuse, our all-in-one solution

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fuse platform

What is a programmatic advertising platform?

In the simplest terms, programmatic advertising is the automation of buying and selling ads and ad space via an online auction process. (Real-time bidding is a little more complex than that).

A programmatic advertising platform is any technology that facilitates that process, whether it’s from the buy-side (Demand Side Platform dsp) or the sell-side (Supply Side Platform) or the tech used in conjunction with each.

What are the requirements for setting up a programmatic advertising platform?

Choosing the best programmatic advertising platform comes down to what you’re looking to achieve.

Some of the considerations of implementing a programmatic advertising platform include:

1) People: Who has the skills internally to operate a programmatic platform and how much of their time will this need?

2) Processes & Organisations: Do you have an in-house setup? And do you have functions to support this? i.e. billing, reporting, client management.

3) Tech stack: Which platforms do you need in order to match the above information? How sophisticated does this setup need to be?

Whether it’s having an outsourced managed service or supporting an-inhouse team, Fuse has the programmatic advertising solution for you.

Why is Fuse the best programmatic advertising platform for publishers?

Our award-winning, easy-to-use Fuse platform was designed to take away the complexities of ad tech for publishers – allowing access all Publift tech services and reporting in one place, behind one simple tag.

And there’s no need to be a tech genius to get the tags up and running – they’re designed for everyday users. Fuse also gives publishers access our extensive ssp network through our header and exchange bidding integration – meaning more competition and higher revenue for you.

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