PubComm takes on Melbourne

Last week, Publift hit Melbourne to host our second PubComm event. Following this talk, our first panel discussion explored industry trends. We spoke with Ingrid Von Bibra Pendred, Publishing Manager at The New Daily, and Clifford Reichin, Founder/Manager of Australian Frequent Flyer. We began by discussing the decrease that has been observed in direct advertising […]

Introducing Pubcomm – Publift’s very own Publisher community

In December, Publift held our first Pubcomm event. Pubcomm was a meetup aimed at local publishers eager to learn, share & explore new ideas. Unlike other events in the industry, Pubcomm specifically focused on SMBs – looking at real pressing issues for smaller publishers and exploring opportunities. Who Attended? Testimonials “Talking to other publishers is […]

Increasing ad viewability

Background In the last blog post we discussed how poor ad viewability might be reducing your site’s advertising earnings. For this blog post we’re going to discuss some techniques you can use to improve your viewability scores and increase your site earnings. Use the best performing ad sizes and ad positions The 2 factors that […]

Is poor ad viewability killing your ad revenue?

cover poor ad viewability

Background During 2015 and 2016, a subtle change in the way advertisers target digital campaigns may have made a big difference to your ad revenue. Especially if most of that ad revenue comes from Google AdSense or Google AdX. We’ve been looking at the ad performance on the 40+ sites we manage and we’ve seen […]

Rubicon heavily investing into Header Bidding and PMPs

Rubicon Panel

As a key channel partner of Rubicon Australia – our team was invited to attend their regional summit on Thursday 24th August 2017. For publishers, Rubicon are one of the big 3 SSPs/exchanges that dominate the Australian market – so getting an insight into what they’re prioritising gives us a good idea of what’s happening […]