Benefits of Team Sport for your Business

At face value you might say that sport and work are two polar opposite domains; Sport is a weekend activity with your friends, and work is, well, work. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t place sport and business in the same category, however, the two are mutually beneficial in the way that physical activity is […]

Publift | Google Livestream Event!

Last week Publift had the awesome opportunity to host a livestream event alongside Google & Acqua Media.   Why?  We wanted to collectively share our knowledge on the effectiveness of Google Adsense, Ad Manager & AMP. The livestream format gave Publisher’s the opportunity to learn and ask in depth questions in regards to their current […]

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

At Publift, we’re passionate about raising awareness in the community for great causes. As an expression of support to those who have battled and continue to battle with cancer, each year, the Cancer Council Australia encourages local companies to host ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’. With 1 in 2 Australian’s being diagnosed with cancer by the […]

PubChat Sydney

Following the success we had at our first PubChat event hosted in Melbourne lat month, we thought it would be valuable to do the same in our home town of Sydney. We decided to host these largely informal events for publisher’s and those within the ad tech industry, in an effort to better understand the […]

PubChat Melbourne!

Publift hosted an informal “PubChat” with many of Melbourne’s leading online publishers. This was a great opportunity to get to know our clients on a personal level and to get more of idea how we can support them. We discussed a range of issues including: Our latest product features added to the platform and our […]