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Publift | Google Livestream Event!

Last week Publift had the awesome opportunity to host a livestream event alongside Google & Acqua Media.



We wanted to collectively share our knowledge on the effectiveness of Google Adsense, Ad Manager & AMP. The livestream format gave Publisher’s the opportunity to learn and ask in depth questions in regards to their current setup & how it can be optimised.

Google & Acqua Media did a great job of covering the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages & Google Adsense.

Dan represented the Publift team based here in Sydney (22:13). He provided his expertise on all things Google Ad Manager (formerly known as DFP).



  • Ad Manager Breakdown
  • Network Optimisations
  • How to setup Roadblocks
  • The power of First Look
  • Publift’s Fuse Solution


Ad Manager Breakdown

Dan explained to the viewers the basics of Ad Manager, its benefits for you as a Publisher and how Dynamic Allocation can be optimised to increase Publisher’s overall yield.

Network Optimisations

Next up was some simple errors that Publisher’s often make when setting up network competition, and how you can change this with a few simple steps. The result? High CPM + More Revenue.


How to setup Roadblocks

A lot of Publisher’s enjoy selling their inventory to premium Publisher’s at a high CPM. By just using Adsense, you can’t do this. Dan showed the viewers how you can setup campaigns to have 100% share of voice.

First Look

The final Ad manager related optimisation was the power of First Look. First Look allows Publisher’s to maximise yield through allowing preferred access to inventory for select buyers in Ad Exchange.

Here’s an example….

You may be a site that has direct orders at $20 CPM, with little or no programmatic revenue. Why? Programmatic is often associated as having low CPM’s and being poor quality. Publift changes this through setting up multiple First Look rules & channels to capture incremental revenue opportunities from high CPM programmatic buyers. The best part? You can still guarantee the delivery of your direct campaigns.

This is a completely new channel of revenue for you as a Publisher.


Publift’s Solution, Fuse

Dan concluded the presentation by showing Publisher’s how their life could be made easy through Fuse. Fuse is Publift’s outsourced ad management solution.

With 4 simple steps, Publisher’s are able to gain access to benefits such as:

Header & Exchange Bidding, Optimised Ad Layouts, Simplified Reporting, Machine Learning, Security, Tag Management System, PMP Deal Management, Tech Support + More.

The Steps

1. New Ad layout & Optimisation

2. Publift Generates the Fuse Tag

3. Publisher implements the Fuse tag on their site (easy as Adsense)

4. See the Results

On average, our Fuse Publisher’s in the first year see an uplift of

34% Net Revenue

We want to say thanks to both Google & Acqua Media for the great presentation, and we look forward to more to come.

If you want to hear how Fuse can add value to your site, please book a consultation with us or email





See what we can do for you and your site’s remnant advertising revenue. We’re confident we can achieve great things together.

*All results above are estimates based on previous achievements.